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F(Luna) - BNT International August 2014

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Anonymous asked: Victoria and Donghae trying hard to hide their relationship for 2 years but got caught by Suju and f(x) members. (funny and fluff) Thanks. :)



"Donghae, stop it.  Someone might walk in on us." she tried to push the man hugging her away, though she could feel she was not putting all her effort into it.

"Just a few more, Vic baby. I really  missed you." Donghae planted more kisses on her smooth jaw down to her creamy neck.

"I missed you too Hae." she moaned. "But your members or mine could walk in on us any minute."

"Let them. Maybe if they found out, my members would stop trying to flirt with you.’


"Fine." he detached himself from Victoria, leaving the latter quite disappointed even though it was her who requested it. She and Donghae had been dating for a little more than 2 years now and only a select number of people knew of their relationship and that excluded their members. Relationships within the company have been greatly discouraged, or rather, prohibited. And as much as it hurt Victoria by hiding this fact from her members, she knew that the fewer people who knew, the better chance of them keeping their relationship a secret.

Donghae, on the other hand, doesn’t really care if their company knew about them. If he ad it his way, he would parade Victoria everywhere just to show everybody how lucky he is to have her as his girlfriend. Then again, he doesn’t have any sense of self-preservation and he was lucky that Victoria s there to keep him under control.

As if on cue, the members of Super Junior and f(x) walked into the room as they parted, all of them ready for their SPAO photoshoot. Victoria and Donghae were unable to get much interaction with each other with the arrival of their members. Donghae was mostly busy playing by himself on his handphone while Victoria was preoccupied by Krystal telling her stories about her recent visit to Europe.

Everything was going fine until Eunhyuk approached Victoria and began a conversation with her. It wasn’t out of the ordinary as everyone knew that Victoria was quite close with Eunhyuk but something the latter did made Donghae’s blood boil. It wasn’t enough for the damn anchovy  to flirt and joke around someone else’s girlfriend, but he actually had the audacity to touch the said woman’s bare shoulder as they chatted.

Donghae was not having any of it.

"Yah, Hyukjae! Stop flirting with Victoria and march you perverted ass over here. You’re up next."

The studio suddenly became quiet with Donghae’s sudden outburst. Everyone’s attention was now focused on the man in question.

"No, I’m not." was Eunhyuk’s cool response before turning his attention back to the f(x) leader.

His reply made Donghae even more furious. “Yah! Don’t ignore me! Come over here, right NOW!” he yelled.

"Oh… I can sense someone is a little jealous over here." Heechul teased, making Donghae even more furious, if that was even possible."

"I am not jealous!" Donghae defended, but his words fell on deaf ears.

"Donghae…" Victoria whispered, completely clueless as how to control the situation.

"I can’t really blame you though. Eunhyuk is an amazing guy,funny, smart, and a great dancer. I would also feel threatened…"

"Stop it." Donghae interrupted. "I’m perfectly aware of Eunhyuk’s so-called greatness! Why do you think I don’t want him anywhere near my girlfriend?!"

Not a single sound could be heard as Donghae’s words echoed in everyone ears. Victoria could only let out a sigh as her boyfriend had finally revealed their two year secret.

After a second or two, it was Heechul who finally broke the silence.

"Well, I was going to joke about Victoria stealing Eunhyuk away from you. But I definitely did not expect see this turn of events coming…."

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140815 f(Victoria) & Zhou Mi - Loving you SMTOWN Live World Tour IV in Seoul →


This is so cute.  I hope to hear a studio version soon

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Interview with Zhang Li Yin for her MV, ‘Agape’ starring Victoria and Tao (x)

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