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Vic-Sama doesnt give a shit if You like or Not. Real Queen

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MC Victoria in The Ultimate Group episode 4 (x)

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sehun entertaining himself with a light stick, but after a while, mama suho decides that his baby has played enough for the day.

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HeeAnna dancing Mamacita…


He looks like a grandma lol

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Mamacita press con | 140828

140828 Leeteuk's answer on whether EXO is a threat:I was the MC for EXO's debut show case. Feel happy to see EXO being successful. I feel that instead of competiting to see who wins or loses, letting the world know about Korea is the most important.
Talking about Yesung who is serving the army, members joked "Yesung is probably searching his own name now" "Yesung has a habit of biting his fingers when he is nervous, some time ago we discovered he has almost no nails left"
Leeteuk:Have been worried if I can still recover, if I can still do activities with members, but it was the members who helped me recover. 2 years really passed quickly. Because I am 2 years older so time has passed even faster. In future I will cherish everyday. Will start doing activities happily.
Shindong:Even if until the last min before enlistment, I want to spend my time on stage
Leeteuk also said he has formed a habit of crying, members said it is because he is tired so his eyes are red.
News Heading- Super Junior Donghae Eunhyuk 'Smiles that were Consistently Brighr from the Beginning' (cr:我菜我菜小菜菜)
Eng trans:elf_ninida
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