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Kaitoria: Kai, Usain Bolting his ass over to Victoria just to use his “hair brushing" technique on her again lmfao.

Click on the gifs for captions. x||x

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Kaitoria: Another angle of Kai sneaking peeks at Victoria through his trademark “hair brush" technique.

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So cute ~ 141018 smtown (2) <33.
This is a best views


So cute ~ 141018 smtown (2) <33.
This is a best views

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"Mi best, mi Am, mi llambi, llamber. la llama de la señorita song. Mi amiga del alma, mi hada.

Eres quien más me conoce, sabes todos mis defectos y aún así, siempre estás con tus palabras de ánimos, incluso si tu estás en un peor día. La primera persona que le conté toda emocionada cuando conocí a khun.kjskdhfg.

Me encanta que tengamos más y más fotos juntas. ♥
You are my best friend.”

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Anonymous asked: Thank you for writing these scenarios. I really enjoy them would you please write a continuation of the victoria and jonghyun scenario where they reveal that their dating with their ceo's permission and the reactions of the cn blue members and smtown people.



f(x)’s Victoria and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun confirmed to be in a relationship

After several pictures of f(x)’s Victoria and CNBLUE’s Jonghyun holding hands and walking into a car together after they were suspected to have had dinner together was uploaded by news site Dispatch, fans and netizens have been curious as to what is the real score between the two idols.

It was later revealed by SM Entertainment and FNC Entertainment, Victoria and Jonghyun’s agencies respectively, that the two are indeed in a relationship and have been exclusively seeing each other for the last 4 months.

What do you think of this unexpected yet still beautiful couple?

Victoria smiled to herself as she finished reading the article. Reading the reaction of fans and other netizens, she did not expect that their relationship would be celebrated and well received like this. As the article has said, the tow of them being together was something unexpected as they never really shown any interaction with each other. Fans were probably surprised that they even knew each other.

Looking up from her phone, her smile widened at the sight before her. Her f(x) members were happily chatting and playing with CNBLUE members. The two groups came together to celebrate their well received relationship.

Giving a quick glance at the group, Victoria noticed that they were missing two people: the man who was making her the happiest woman in the world in the past months and the man who had been trying to be part of her life the past 3 years.

When the thing between her and Jonghyun began getting serious, she knew there was one person who would be greatly affected by it.

Jung Yonghwa.

He was a friend she met through Kyuhyun and the rest of the Kyu-line. She had worked with him several times and even chatted to one another when they appeared on the special episode of WGM. Soon after meeting him, she began to receive messages from him and they began to communicate with each other regularly. Victoria thought of it as nothing but two acquaintances keeping in touch and trying to forge a friendship. It was later though when he confessed to her did she realize how off she was.

She had to put him down, unfortunately. She only saw him as friend and nothing more and she didn’t want to give him anymore false hope. He accepted her answer but was still persistent on being part of her life.

Jonghyun was completely aware of all this and even admitted to Victoria that he had doubts about pursuing her in the beginning because of his leader. In the end, his heart won over his mind. When they became official, both of them chose to keep it a secret from Yonghwa, reasoning they needed more time to think of a way to break the news to him. But with the news of them dating spread throughout the media, Yonghwa was finally learned of their 4 month relationship.

As she finished her thoughts, the form of the two men in her thoughts emerged from the balcony. Both men wore smiles on their faces, making her wonder what had happened between the two. Yonghwa smiled towards her before making his towards their group of friends while her boyfriend made his way towards her.

"Hey…" Jonghyun greeted as he seated himself beside her on the couch, wrapping an arm around her slim waist.

"Hey… What did you two talk about?" she asked without any hesitation.

"Nothing much." he answered casually. "Just the typical if-you-hurt-her-then-you’ll-face-me talk. Didn’t really sound any different from the ones I got from Changmin-hyung, Kyuhyun-hyung, Ryeowoook-hyung and Minho."

"He didn’t say anything about…"

"Just that he was happy that it was me. He said that even if it wasn’t him at least he knows me and that he could put his trust on me to protect you and never hurt you."

Victoria released a sigh of relief. It felt like a throne that had been lodge in her heart had finally been plucked and she can be completely happy.

"I love you." Jonghyun said suddenly, pulling her closer and planting a soft kiss on her temple.

Victoria smiled to herself and snuggled closer into his embrace, completely contented and at ease at last.

"I love you too."

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So cute ~ 141018 smtown (2) &lt;33.
This is a best views


So cute ~ 141018 smtown (2) <33.
This is a best views

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Skinship with Kyutoria ~  >__<

kekekeke long time no see a moment. :)

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